Sonjia Richards

Senior Appellate Paralegal
DIRECT LINE : (212) 213-4190

Sonjia Richards joined AppealTech as a senior appellate paralegal.  Sonjia has had a rich career which began in 1986 when she graduated from Binghamton University. With over 30 years’ experience in the appellate industry, Sonjia has felt the ebbs and flows and seen the changes in the industry, but she has remained on top of it all, constantly refreshing her skillset and retaining her expertise from coast to coast in state and federal courts at all levels, from the lower courts right up to the United States Supreme Court.

There is almost no case that Sonjia hasn’t seen, and some of the biggest cases that she has worked on include those for the NFL and ACLU, along with deftly handling matters pertaining to high-profile divorce and federal racketeering cases.