Robin Zuckerman

Senior Appellate Paralegal
DIRECT LINE : (212) 213-9740

Robin Zuckerman joined AppealTech as a senior appellate paralegal and brought with her over a decade’s worth of experience in the appellate field. Now, as a result of nearly 17 years in the business, Robin has amassed an intimate knowledge of the rules and procedures (both electronic and paper filing) in both civil and criminal matters in the four New York State Appellate Courts, the Appellate Term, First and Second Departments, the New York State Court of Appeals, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and other federal appellate courts.

She has been an integral part of the team since her arrival, armed with the ability to tackle the most complex cases in a timely and efficient manner. Robin has taken part in the preparation, service and filing of high-profile matters including the Crane Collapse Litigation and In Re: Steam Pipe Explosion while also handling other various medical malpractice, construction negligence, employment and education, banking and securities litigation, and high profile criminal cases.

Prior to entering the appellate world, Robin represented various banks and developers at mortgage closings. She was also employed as a mortgage specialist for private clients, a period where she was honing her skills, diligently and patiently working to meet clients needs while superseding expectations–invaluable skills that have served her, and those with whom she works at AppealTech well.