Michael Klopman

Desktop Publishing Supervisor

Michael Klopman has been in the appellate printing industry since 1996. As Desktop Publishing Supervisor, Michael is determined to keep the wheels of the production and quality control processes rolling, while always steering clear of bumps in the road.

Michael takes special pride in an unmatched attention to detail, productivity and professionalism. He gives every job his undivided attention, perusing documents with a sharp, well-trained eye so that not even minute errors are safe from the stroke of his red pen. He spearheads the team responsible for the composition, editing and proofing of original AppealTech materials such as covers, indexes, and brief tables of contents/authorities, as well as court-mandated forms such as stipulations and certifications.

With a software repertoire that includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat, there’s no job that Michael isn’t prepared for and no task that he won’t do to the best of his abilities.

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