Kristina Homa

Marketing Manager
DIRECT LINE : (646) 354-5209

Kristina Homa burst through the doors at AppealTech bringing with her an aura of enthusiasm and positivity that has spread through the office like wildfire. Her main responsibility at AppealTech is to support executive management and both the sales and marketing teams.

In between a friendly chat and a quick joke, Kristina never loses focus on the job at hand as she provides administrative support and collaborates with the marketing manager most of her days. Together they tackle special projects that requires Kristina to assemble and analyze information that she then uses to prepare reports and presentations that wind up being vital to the company’s forward progress.

After she received her Bachelor’s in Media Studies from Queens College in 2006, Kristina spent a decade in the publishing industry as an executive assistant and project manager. AppealTech has already benefited from Kristina’s time-management skills, her ability to multi-task efficiently and effectively and thrive whether working as part of a team or solo. Her infectious personality has been a delight to clients and motivation to colleagues, which keeps the wheels of the company turning smoothly.

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