James Dignon

Vice President

James Dignon, Vice President at AppealTech works tirelessly to drive the company toward financial growth–with his full profits & loss responsibility–and optimal operating efficiency. James works in tandem with AppealTech’s business goals and objectives to plan and direct all aspects of the organization’s operational policies, objectives and initiatives to make sure the company meets its sales, growth and market share targets.

He spearheads the development and implementation of various strategies while often collaborating with the management team to seek the ideal path for the company to head down. James’s success lies in his respectful, constructive and energetic style of management—a time-tested style that’s been forged and refined throughout his over 30 years of holding influential, key management positions. Firm, but fair and easygoing, James has managed to foster a success-oriented, amenable environment, where all are encouraged to work together. It’s an atmosphere where the employees that he helps attract, recruit and retain are put in a position to succeed right out of the gate. He has a unique ability to recognize staff skills and help them utilize those skills to the best of their ability.

His day-to-day leadership ensures AppealTech stays faithful to its adopted mission and core values. At the end of many of those days, the reports James compiles are vital in determining the company’s status in meeting both short- and long-term financial and operational goals.

He’s seemingly everywhere, yet he’s always there when needed, always has a finger on the pulse of the company and is always looking to keep AppealTech as one of the top appellate services providers.


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