Electronic Filing

Our portfolio of digital services include:

Electronic Case Filing:

We will prepare your document for a court compliant electronic filing.

Complimentary Text-Searchable Proof Documents:

We provide you with a complimentary service whereby we convert your Appendix or Record on Appeal into a text-searchable, sequentially-numbered PDF of your proofed document.

A text-searchable document will save you valuable hours when you are researching and preparing your brief.

AppealTech e-Brief:

We will convert your brief into a bookmarked and hyperlinked digital PDF.  By employing the e-Brief service, you can incorporate hyperlinks to case citations, transcripts, exhibits, pleadings and audio/video clips into your brief.

This enables you to present a well-rounded, thoroughly researched argument that will be easily understood by the court.

Our e-briefs include:

  • Hyperlinked Tables of Contents and Tables of Authorities to referenced pages within your Brief, Appendix or Record and to case citations.
  • User-friendly Acrobat Reader software which enables ease of access from any computer operating system.


What will we do?

  • Guide you through the appellate process
  • Print, serve and file your appeal with the court and your adversaries
  • Prepare your Appendix or Record on Appeal
  • Electronically serve and file your appeal when required
  • Review your brief for compliance with court rules
  • Provide same-day service and filing in all New York Appellate Courts