Appellate Services

Preparation of the Appendix or Record on Appeal

We will manage the procedural and technical aspects of your appellate filing so that you can focus on researching and writing a winning brief.

AppealTech will:

  • Review and index documents for the Appendix or Record on Appeal
  • Scan and paginate the Appendix or Record
  • Prepare the Table of Contents
  • Draft page headings
  • Subpoena documents from the courts of original jurisdiction
  • Settle transcripts
  • Typeset covers for the Appendix or Record
  • OCR and bookmark the Appendix or Record for document searchability
  • Electronically serve and file the Appendix or Record on Appeal

Preparation of the Brief

Our team will:

  • Thoroughly review your brief to ensure it adheres to the court’s formatting requirements
  • Prepare the Table of Contents, Table of Authorities and word count statements
  • Reproduce, bind, serve and file all paper copies
  • OCR and bookmark, when required for rule compliant electronic submission
  • Electronically file the brief if required by the court

Preparation of Appellate Court Forms

Our team will prepare all state and federal forms necessary for you to perfect your appeal including but not limited to:

  • Note of Issue
  • CPLR 2105 Certification
  • CPLR 5531 Statement
  • Notice of Argument
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Affirmation of Compliance
  • Subpoena/Clerk’s Certificate
  • Notice of Settlement
  • Affidavits of Service
  • Oral Argument Request Form
  • Font and Word Count Statements

What will we do?

  • Guide you through the appellate process
  • Print, serve and file your appeal with the court and your adversaries
  • Prepare your Appendix or Record on Appeal
  • Electronically serve and file your appeal when required
  • Review your brief for compliance with court rules
  • Provide same-day service and filing in all New York Appellate Courts