Mark M. Baker Esq.,

Mark M. Baker Esq.,

Following 10 years as an assistant district attorney, I have been a criminal defense attorney since 1983, concentrating in post-conviction and criminal appellate litigation. Anyone who undertakes this line of work comes to rely heavily on an appellate printer, and more particularly the paralegal professionals with whom they personally entrust their work.

I have been mightily blessed for the last 15 years because Robin Zuckerman handles all my legal briefs, both in federal and state appellate courts. There is not a court rule, statute or regulation with which Robin is not familiar. If I had a nickel for every time Robin has corrected me regarding the positioning of this footnote, the appropriateness of that font, or whether the brief was missing a newly required section, I would be able to retire to Vermont and do nothing but ski every day, weather permitting. Robin, who is simply all-knowing and all-resourceful, has saved me on more occasions than I can count. Her work ethic and her dedication to her craft are simply incomparable — plus she has a marvelous sense of humor, an incisive wit and an engaging personality to boot.

In this profession, where, as an attorney of last resort, clients literally place their lives in my hands, it is indescribably gratifying to be able to repose such complete trust in someone who undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that my work product is in full compliance with applicable rules of procedure. Knowing that Robin is in charge allows me to devote my energies to simply producing the best arguments available, while allowing her to worry whether the final product is in procedural compliance.

My daily prayer is that Robin Zuckerman lives a long and healthy life – and never retires. And, if I had my way, she would not be allowed to go on vacation!

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