John Mattimore

Senior Appellate Consultant
DIRECT LINE : (646) 354-5205

Senior Appellate Consultant John Mattimore has bolstered AppealTech’s ability to provide clients with unmatched, quality service. John has smoothly guided his clients from start to finish in perfecting thousands of appeals by calling upon his expertise in the New York Appellate Divisions, the New York State Court of Appeals, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Federal Circuit. His vast knowledge of the written and unwritten rules of the various appellate courts are what his clients rely on when the need to perfect an appeal arises.

His personable demeanor has enabled him to build a vast network at the appellate court level ensuring that even the most obscure questions receive a prompt answer.

The foundation of John’s background in customer service was laid during his time working with an insurance firm in Long Island. He used his property and casualty license to simplify processes and assist clients, allowing him to bring a veteran’s mindset to AppealTech, where he instinctively knows what to say to ensure clients are satisfied and given peace of mind.

When he’s not helping clients, John can be found in his home town of Blue Point on Long Island volunteering as a firefighter.